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The Team


Prof. Einat Shetreet

Principle Investigator


Shirly Orr

Postdoctoral Fellow

I’m interested in how linguistic expressions and extra-linguistic factors shape the distinction between prototypical lies and ‘merely’ misleading acts, as well as the effects of cross-cultural differences on the perception of Truth, Falsity and Lies.


Yechezkel Shabanov

Research Assitant
PhD Student


Nitzan Trainin

Research Assistant
PhD Student

I'm interested in how individuals map inter-speaker variability and how they use this information - do we align with our partner? do we generalize their language-use to other domains? what do we make of their personality?


Gabriel Braun

PhD Student

I’m interested in the interplay between trust/belief and interpretations - How does belief harmonize our cognitive and neural processing, comprehension, and personal interpretations? In what ways do varying alternative meanings influence this process? And finally, how do we decide to believe and trust others in discourse?


Suhair Abed Elghani

PhD Student


Karmit Frish

PhD Student

I'm interested in the various ways we resolve lexical ambiguity – do we rely mainly on context or are there other factors that influence retrieval of the appropriate meaning?


Inbal Kuperwasser

PhD Student

I'm interested in the way intergroup settings (i.e., speaker and listener belonging to different social groups) may affect the understanding of different pragmatic phenomena and the cognitive mechanisms that may underlie such an effect.



Tal Tehan


Shiri Hornick


Shani Perl